About Us


Promoting a passion for the arts and technology

Founded in 2016 with a lofty objective: fuse two passions of art and technology together at a great price, so you feel as good as we do about aesthetics. We strive to grow our business with the same passion we put into our products and services as if each project were our own.





Meet Our Founding Savant

Stephen Kidwell moved to Charlotte from Washington, D.C. where he studied Information Technology and Computer Science in 2003 to pursue one of his passions in technology and proceeded to work with high profile clientele and a fast-paced consulting agency. Passionate about technology and the arts, the move to entrepreneurship was a natural fit. With encouragement from friends and potential customers, Stephen started Savant PCs in 2016. In his free time, Stephen loves spending time researching new technology or catching up on the latest game or comic book movie, BOTH Marvel, and DC. Grateful for customers of his brand he always does each job as if it were to be entered into a competition as is his M.O.





Where We Live

The base of operations is planet Earth, or more specifically Charlotte, NC. Our IT Solutions, however, are not limited by our demographic thanks to remote access services.