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Why Choose Savant PCs

– Honest and Reliable
– 15 Years experience
– Microsoft Certified since 2005
– Competitive Pricing
– Gaming, Workstation or Home Theater computer systems
– System specific builds – no bloatware!
– Small or large form factors
– Premium parts only – no refurbs, no open boxed items
– Manufacturer warranties on all parts


FREE cable combs with purchase of sleeved cables
Discounted items from our store page, including custom RGB distro plates, RGB drive covers and more!
– Built by artists with a CNC at our disposal
– Your build will be one-of-a-kind

Services Include

– Consultation to create parts list
– All systems are built on Solid-State drives for speed, additional storage can be added where there is a need
– CPU overclocking on qualifying systems to gain the full potential of your new system
– Cable management
– Operating system installation
– BIOS and OS updates
– Performance and stress testing

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*** FREE 180° bend cable combs with purchase of sleeved cables for your build! See our Cable Combs for details

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