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Our New CNC!

We have officially purchased our first CNC and over the next few weeks, we will be transitioning from soley hand-making all our products into producing them with the aid of this device. We really look forward to greatly expanding our product line as a result, so keep checking back regularly to see what's next! Of course keep following us on Instagram: Savant_PCs and Facebook for the latest product releases!  


Custom PSU Shroud for Fractal Design Define S with Mesh

This unique design was sent in by a customer that wanted to keep an open space in the front while not limited airflow to the PSU itself. He wanted the PSU Shroud to do its job while still giving an edge to functionality which could potentially then be used to make room for something like a radiator and fans or a reservoir and pump for a custom loop. Product: http://www.savantpcs.com/store/fractal-design-define-s-power-supply-shroud/ front [underline] Home-Made Multi Angled Break Like a Glove And Another Glove Mesh Installed Completed Before the Shroud [...]